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Waterproof Flooring Trends 

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Many of our Long Island homeowners are requesting flooring installation services for waterproof floors. If you are remodeling your Long Island kitchen or bathroom, consider “Water-resistant or waterproof flooring”.  The options are endless with many floor material options including vinyl, Laminate, LVT and real wood. There is a variety of modern designs and styles that suit any lifestyle,look or budget. 

Water-resistant and waterproof floors are both kid and pet-friendly with excellent durability. 

When any liquid makes contact on flooring moisture will seep between the floor boards down to the core of the plank. When this occurs, the floor board expands and begins to warp. Unfortunately the damage is irreversibly and mildew will likely develop underneath. 

Installation water-resistant flooring means that there is a barrier that prevents moisture from seeping down the core of the planks. If a spill occurs “Water-resistant” means that immediate contact will not cause damage. Most can hold up to 30 minutes before any potential damage would occur. 

“ Waterproof Vinyl Flooring Installation Services ” is high on demand and on trend.. especially for busy Long Island homeowners with children, pets and lots of traffic in and out of the home. We have been installing these left and right on many of our recent kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects. 

Waterproof floors are guaranteed for life for residential homeowners and installation by us is a breeze. 

Let us help you get your floor installation project started and ... done right the first time. 

Please do check our our local long Island reviews by real homeowners as well as the numerous awards and recognition we have received. 

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