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Bath Remodel Syosset Behr Paint: Healing Aloe Raised Panel Wainscot

Syosset NY

Benjamin Moore: Healing Aloe

Raised Panel Wainscot

bath remodel contractor long island ny s

Glencove NY

Rustic Small Bath Remodel Project Gray Driftwood Vanity


Glencove NY

Bathroom Vanity Installation

Rectangular White Ceramic Sink Modern

Huntington NY

Behr: Brown Teepee

 Rectangular White Ceramic Sink

small half bath remodel renovation shower and wall tile.

Lindenhurst NY

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Bath Remodel Syosset Behr Paint: Healing Aloe Raised Panel Wainscot

Massapequa NY

Half Bath Remodeling project with stone wall

The average cost of a full-scale bathroom remodel around $18,000 nationally according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Keep in mind that the size of the bathroom is one of the biggest factor behind the costs. Bathrooms are priced per square foot,and the average is somewhere around $125 per square foot. 

The larger the bathroom = the higher the cost.

A relatively large master bath would be closer to the $18,000 range and a small half bath would cost closer to lower ranges from $5,000 and up.The types of materials that you choose for your bathroom renovation as well as its current condition plays a huge role in determining your actual and final costs for the project.

What are the Bathroom Remodeling Phases?

The first step we take in our bathroom remodels is planning a layout with you. This phase of the project generally includes not only planning, but also drawings, and the selection all materials as well as fixtures for your bathroom.

Once we complete the planning and specific details for your bathroom project, we will begin to order all of the necessary materials and plan a start date. In the meantime we will begin to removing everything down to the bathroom wall studs. At this stage of the project, if there are any unforeseen issues such as water leaks from plumbing pipes, mold, rotted wood framing and so on, this will then be addressed. Do keep in mind that these issues can slightly or dramatically impact your costs, depending on what is found. It is not possible for any bathroom contractor to see these issues prior to the tear out. 

Once we have finished the demolition, any plumbing or electrical updates will begin to take place. From there on drywall, sub-flooring,floor tile, and last but not least the installation of fall of the finishing touches such as new faucet fixtures, bathroom vanities, lights, and accessories.


Time frames

Depending on the size and how much work was done the average time frame for a bath remodel usually takes 2 to 3 weeks time frame. We do not recommend doing rush renovations that some contractors offer. Why? Because many materials require a few days to dry or set so that they don't cause any issues in the future. 

Remodeling options
 Most often, a bathroom remodel include a full tear out however partial or cosmetic remodels may only require some areas of your bathroom. 

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